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People often become confused as to their rights and responsibilities when a relationship ends, as there are different factors to consider compared with married couples.

You still need to consider the arrangements for the children, where you will live and what rights you have in relation to the assets and property that have accrued during the relationship.

When you separate you may wish to set out the terms of your separation in a Deed of Separation.  We can assist with the negotiations and preparing the document for you.

Before you commencing living together you may wish to consider a Cohabitation Agreements is an area of the law which is still developing and we can advise you upon the validity of such an agreement and whether it is right for your circumstances.

When unmarried couples separate, neither has a right to claim maintenance from the other, however, maintenance can be claimed for the children and there are other financial issues to be resolved.

The major issue is likely to be occupation and ownership of the family home and what steps need to be taken to resolve any dispute.

The fact that parents are unmarried may make no difference to the day-to-day care of the children while they are cohabiting, but there are legal difference which will alter the legal position if the parents separate, depending upon whether or not the father has Parental Responsibility.  We can advise you about the changes that came into effect in 2003 and who has Parental Responsibility.

The future and moving on may seem a daunting prospect but are friendly experienced Solicitors are here to advise you about the procedure, what you need to consider and what steps you need to take to resolve matters.

We can advise you as to what options are available to you and provide a clear estimate as to what costs will be involved.

We can do as much or as little of the work for you as you wish, that way you retain control of your costs and piece of mind that you have experts on your side every step of the way.