It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas at our Brigg office

It’s that time of year again when local businesses in Brigg are invited to take part in the annual Christmas Window competition.  We have been very successful in recent years not only because of our enthusiastic and creative team but also as a result of collaborating with the staff and children at Munchkins Nursery here in Brigg. 


It’s an opportunity that gives both us and the Nursery team the opportunity to work together on a community project but also allows the children to get creative and showcase their creations to the public who wouldn’t usually get to see their efforts.  Much joy is had by the children who pester (parents/grandparents will know this for a fact), their family members to come and look at their work while passers-by stop to gaze upon the children’s efforts if only for a few seconds in the chaos leading up to Christmas.

This year we thought we would give the children a little free-rein and asked them to decorate our tree with symbols of Christmas.  This could be anything, and they haven’t disappointed.  The window is full of gingerbread men, (who knew they should have three eyes), stars, angels, crackers and snowflakes.  The children then asked if they could include a Nativity scene and so you might just be able to see this in the bottom left corner of the window.

The window has been entitled “ A vision of Christmas, through the eyes of babes”, as this really has been created by the Munchkins Children, from infants to toddlers and pre-schoolers to those who attend the after school club.  Innocent and magical, a true reminder of the Christmas season.  The best part of all, not one gift or toy has been made, which is very heart warming to see.

This year a formal judging will take place rather than the usual public vote, so fingers crossed the Judges love the children’s efforts as much as we do!  Please, if you are in Brigg come and have a look for yourselves, the photographs really don’t do it justice and come and say hello to the team. You can find directions to our offices here.

Merry Christmas from Mason, Baggott and Garton Solicitors and Munchkins Nursery, Brigg.

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