Inheritance Tax Update

Recent reports indicate that more people are paying inheritance tax now than at any time over the previous ten years. In 2016-17, more than 28,000 estates had to pay inheritance tax.

Inheritance tax receipts in 2018-19 reached £5.4 billion, their highest level ever. The level of revenue raised has increased every year since 2009.

Over the same period, the overall value of deceased’s estates has also increased to over £80 billion, having grown by more than £15 billion since 2009. Much of the increase is attributed to the rise in average house prices which have increased by almost 50% since 2009. 2017 saw the introduction of an additional inheritance tax nil rate band which might be set against a residence passing to direct descendants. It is intended to mean that spouses and civil partners who can combine their inheritance tax allowances will (by 2020-21) be able to pass up to £1 million to their family tax free. Single people or those without direct descendants do not benefit from the additional allowance.

45% of inheritance tax is paid by estates in London and the South East, perhaps reflecting the disparity in property prices between different areas of the country.

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