Flexibility benefits our Clients

The lockdown in March could have been devastating to my injured clients and the service that Mason Baggott and Garton provide.

Fortunately Mason Baggott and Garton had invested a great deal of time and money in the proceeding months, hence from the 23rd March 2020 I was able to work from home with the aid of my lap top and Smart phone. I have to admit that it took a couple of weeks to change from viewing a paper file to accessing the same information on my screen, but all the documents are there.

“Seeing” new and existing clients again required a change of process. Previously I had seen clients in hospital, at their home or in one of 4 offices. However through a combination of Zoom, telephone, clients’ gardens and the offices (socially distancing /using masks and  screens/sanitising the office before and after) these difficulties were overcome.

Therefore I have been able to advise new clients in respect of numerous accidents to include on a building site whilst at work leading to a broken ankle, a fall from height at work causing 2 broken legs, a clinical negligent hospital which tragically led to a death, and various road traffic accidents, one which happened on the 1st day of their holiday in the Lake District, which meant an early return home with a broken arm and whiplash injuries, and 2 other separate incidents, both leading to the clients and their vehicles being left in a ditch for several hours until they could be cut out by the fire brigade. Another incident involved a pedestrian in another part of the country being struck by a drunk driver and sustaining a brain injury.

Initially some insurance companies were slow in adapting to the changes in working life as Mason Baggott and Garton have, but now most have their staff working from home too, and my cases are proceeding as they did prior to the onset of the pandemic.

Now, as we go back into lockdown, I feel confident that my clients, existing and new, will see that business is as close to usual as it can be.

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